SleeperQuest 2.0: The Cardinal Edition

SleeperQuest 2.0: The Cardinal Edition

SleeperQuest was created from a simple premise. A generous wealth of underrated films is waiting to be unearthed. The SleeperQuest team has developed its own distinctive taste in cinema based upon one underappreciated film: A Love Song for Bobby Long. The heart wants what it wants, and the SleeperQuest heart wants more…

Once upon a time there was a web site that helped film buffs discover new titles based upon their personal tastes. The accuracy of its recommendations was unparalleled. SleeperQuest built a movie discovery project around this tool. While the SleeperQuest project was finding its momentum, the developers of the film recommendation site, the most incomporable taste match algorithm ever known, decided to terminate end-user access to the web interface and concentrate on selling its analytic services to big money providers.

During the short span of time that SleeperQuest leaned on to sift cinematic gold from the sands of the mediocre, it learned plenty about the qualities of films that align them with the SleeperQuest expectation.

Now, the team has learned to search the Internet Movie Database,, scrutinizing categories, taglines, and trailers to make educated guesses as to what film might be the next SleeperQuest classic.

Since its last update, SleeperQuest central has relocated to Western North Carolina. Here it has uncovered the most amazing new tool for supporting its cinematic addiction – the North Carolina Cardinal library system, a consortium of public libraries offering the most impressive selection of DVDs available through interlibrary loan.

SleeperQuest has been testing the new framework with which to continue the project. For now, SleeperQuest 2.0: The Cardinal Edition appears to be sound…on paper least ways. Check out the updated About page if you are at all curious as to what to expect.

Over the next few days, SleeperQuest will release a backlog of fresh new arrivals, and then continue to review new films from off the beaten path at a rate of approximately one film per week.


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