Marvin’s Room (1996)

Marvin’s Room was added to SleeperQuest favorites from 1996.

A leukemia patient attempts to end a twenty-year feud with her sister to get her bone marrow.


You could revisit one these mind-numbingly average blockbusters:


1. Independence Day
2. Twister
3. Mission: Impossible
4. Jerry Maguire
5. Ransom


Or, you could join SleeperQuest at the Bijou for this exciting triple feature:


Marvin’s Room (1996)

Sometimes the people you know the least…are the ones you need the most!


What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

A story about the love you find…in the last place you look.


Life As A House (2001)

Seen from a distance, it’s perfect.


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