About SleeperQuest (updated 9/26/2016)

SleeperQuest 2.0: The Cardinal Edition

PLOT TWIST! Here is the new format of the SleeperQuest film discovery project.

1. Jinni is dead.
2. The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) will live on forever.
3. SleeperQuest knows how to identify candidates for the SleeperQuest canon from IMDB.
4. SleeperQuest now has a cache of over 500 films between the years 2000 and 2016 it has chosen to review.
5. While SleeperQuest chases these titles, candidates from between 1980 and 2000 will be identified.
6. SleeperQuest will highlight one new film each week and decide whether it has the qualities required to be added to the SleeperQuest canon.
7. SleeperQuest will introduce two companion films already members of the SleeperQuest canon that are natural compliments to the latest addition, thus suggesting a dream weekend SleeperQuest triple feature.

SleeperQuest rolls on!


I’m heading out on a most amazing adventure.

The Game:

To mine the web sites Jinni and IMDB, and then forage the vast wasteland of modern cinema to find as many lost sleepers as I can, films where interpersonal relationships are center stage and action is conveyed through dialogue rather than special effects. I’m looking for my next favorite film.

Jinni’s “More like it” link has an algorithm to suggest films based on groupings of personal preferrence traits. Right now, based upon the films I’ve rated, my profile professes leanings toward films with plots like “feel good / fish out of water”, “witty / dysfunctional family” and “independent / emotional / haunted by the past”, just to name a few. With this information as a seed, Jinni will run its algorithm and suggest new films for my viewing pleasure. So far it’s done an outstanding  job of introducing me to flicks I should be acquainted with and care about, films I have either not heard of or never considered.

Each month I will be auditioning one new film and revisiting two of my favorites using this new game I’ve concocted.

The Process:

1. Using the film from last month as a seed I will search for a list of films Jinni thinks have similar qualities. For my first month I will be starting with my all-time favorite, A Love Song For Bobby Long, as the seed. During this project, if last month’s film was a bomb, or if the search produces too few enticements, then I will substitute one of the two standbys I revisited as the seed. I’m interested in lesser known, independently produced films. But, I will also consider some Hollywood produced blockbusters that have slipped by me as well.

2. Using either Jinni or YouTube I will be evaluating the movie trailers for the films Jinni recommends to determine if the trailers move me at all. As I do this I will generate a list of possible contenders as well as a list of those I’ve rejected either because the trailer is flat or I simply cannot find one.

3. As I mine Jinni, I will also compile a list of films I’ve already rated there to watch again. This list will be separated into two, films I already consider favorites and favorites from the same year as the selection of the month. I’ll be revisiting one from each of these lists as standbys along with my choice-of-the-month.

4. I will push the top-weighted film to the head of the viewing queue and check it out, along with the standbys.

5. I will also provide a list that compares the selection-of-the-month against the top grossing films from the same year, just for an enlightening giggle.


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