About SleeperQuest

SleeperQuest 2.0: The Cardinal Edition

Once upon a time there was a most fascinating utility, a site named Jinni. Film lovers could search the site for films similar to ones they already adored. Their database was huge. Their analytics were complex. Their taste-matching algorithm was wickedly spot on. Then they slammed the door on the general access for web users and sold out to big bucks streaming services; quite probably their plan all along.

Somewhere between the discovery of Jinni and its effective closure, I created a project based on my love of films and my new-found devotion to quality cinema. I sloppily documented my quest for the one film with the potential to knock A Love Song For Bobby Long (2004) off its pedestal to reign as my new favorite film. Not that I would ever want that to happen, mind you. But the exercise was leading me to the most lovable cache of sleepers that failed to leave an indelible mark on film viewing audiences despite their great potential to so.

Gone is the game of leap-frogging from “this film is like that film which is like this other film” fueled by Jinni.

Welcome to SleeperQuest 2.0: The Cardinal Edition

Using all available resources, I am on the lookout for SleeperQuest candidates. Potential successors will be reviewed. If they demonstrate merit, they will be added to the list of SleeperQuest favorites and matched with two more established titles that have similar qualities, and then celebrated in the SleeperQuest triple feature.

The project was christened with the name “Cardinal” to celebrate the fabulous library system I am able to utilize to bring the harder-to-find titles practically to my doorstep. Please support your local library

SleeperQuest: dedicated to proving, post by post, the American film-viewing audience has taste where it sits.


Hey Jinni? I’m still angry with you putzes.



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