A Love Song For Bobby Long

Have you ever watched a film that changed your life?

After viewing the film A Love Song For Bobby Long (2004) so many aspects of my life changed. The most significant change, the one true gift the experience gave me, is a perpetual thirst for more substance in my movie viewing pleasure.

A Love Song For Bobby Long is the standard by which my film selections are now measured.

Here’s the attraction explained:


The visuals are breathtaking, creating a familiar a sense of place, like that welcome feeling you get when go over to hang with friends and family.


The music stands as an uncredited character, not just another souvenir compilation of popular music. It supports the story-telling in a gentle and effective manner.


The film moves along with literary qualities, fitting since literature is another uncredited supporting character.


This film meanders at the pace of a slow walk through a sweltering, southern midday in late Summer. It takes its sweet time with you. It is appropriate and complementary to the story-telling.

John and Scarlett

John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson are two of my favorite actors who, coincidentally, have appeared in films that appeal to me in the same sense. John’s Michael (1996) and Phenomenon (1996) as well as Scarlett’s Ghost World (2001), and Lost In Translation (2003) would all be sitting side by side on the same shelf if it was practical to organize my collection according to my own custom genres.

A Good Cry

I do not recognize a genre named Chick Flick. I love a film that works you out emotionally. I celebrate great film-making with a belly aching from laughter and a face wet from both sadness and joy.


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